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Owens illinois glass dating

Owens illinois glass dating

Processus Owens Illinois

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For more detailed discussion on Owens-Illinois Glass Company and the date codes, plant location and mold codes used, check out this comprehensive article​. Consider broadening your ideal criteria The UCLA psychologist team owens-​illinois glass company dating explains why parental involvement is so helpful when.

First is the use of the Owens Mark, the triangle with O and the I inside. According to Toulouse in his book on bottle marks this mark was used fromwhich dovetails nicely with the information from above which indicates that the merger of the original Owens Bottle Company with the Illinois Glass Company also took place in It makes sense they would have designed a new mark for the new company.

So can say with certainty that the date of this catalog is post and before Notice the owen illinois glass dating texture of the base of this bottle, often called 'stippling' was an innovation to prevent damage to the glass as it cooled. The Onized Club owen illinois glass dating spread to include more than half a million employees at Owens-Illinois plants and offices around the country. A second clue to the age of the Owens Catalog is in the scan above where they refer to "Applied color lettering, one of the most outstanding O-I developments in recent years, is available on many containers".

ACL labels as they have come to be called by collectors were introduced in Owens-Illinois was one of the first and largest to adopt this technology. In addition some of the designs offered would have been the exclusive property of Owens-Illinois. They were typically made in amber glass but the Meyer's catalog offered them in flint clear glass as well. The Blake bottle at the left is taken from the Corning Life Science Catalog presently online and as you can see is identical to that of the s Owens bottles shown in the catalog pages and similar to the earlier Blake bottle shown at the right which is a Park Davis Co.

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