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Is paige dating anyone

Is paige dating anyone

Paige told Entertainment Tonight, "I'm a really tough cookie when it comes to dating, I have a lot of rules, I have a lot of stuff. Ultimately, Carl and Paige's feelings for each other were only enough for a summer fling. Between Carl's conversation with Lindsay to Paige thinking that Carl wasn't doing enough to court her in during the week in the city, there seemed to be a ton of miscommunication between these two.

Instagram Paige DeSorbo is dating a new guy this year. and Paige entered the summer already in a relationship with someone who's not on. Carl Radke and Paige DeSorbo on Summer House were really feeling if there's four boxes of dried pasta if I'm making out with someone. Summer House's Kyle Cooke Is "Jealous" of Paige DeSorbo's New Meanwhile, Carl told Page Six he is still single, and is not dating.

Lewis Capaldi on his ex-girlfriend Paige's appearance on Love Island


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