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Dating site list xml rates

Dating site list xml rates
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Interactive mode loadpricelist retrieve [-s ServiceType][-t ModifiedTime][product][discount][sponsorship] write PriceListFile where: -s ServiceType specifies to retrieve the specified service type.

You can list multiple service types by using a commaas a delimiter. PriceListFile specifies the name and location of the file to which to dating site list xml rates the data. In this situation, you should configure loadpricelist to retrieve and write pricelists in batches. When configured this way, loadpricelist performs a step search and writes the results into multiple XML files based on the batch size you specify.

For example, the following entry configures loadpricelist to retrieve and write pricing objects in batches of For example, if the batch size is set to and there are pricing objects in the database, then loadpricelist creates four XML files, the first three with pricing objects and one with the remaining objects.

The batchsize entry is not included in the loadpricelist file by default. Interactive mode where PriceListFile specifies the name and location of the file to load into the database.

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