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Overwatch worst matchmaking

Overwatch worst matchmaking

When Top 500 Players Play With a Bronze Player, Overwatch Stream Moments (XQC, Stevo, TimTheTatman)

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This game's matchmaking is atrocious. I hop into quick play to warm up, and I get matched against GM and top players. My Career high SR is Nothing wrong with Overwatch's matchmaking in competitive games. Quickplay is pretty f***ed up tho but nobody cares about that. This game has the worst matchmaking I have ever seen. their exception, this game is about the worst I've seen, even including Overwatch.

“Overwatch’s” matchmaking system is designed to try and create matches with equivalent-sized groups, especially for solo players, and Mercer believes it’s doing a pretty decent job. “We believe that games with equivalent groups create the fairest possible experience, and fair games create the best chance of players having a fun experience,” he said.

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