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Dating a parasite

Dating a parasite

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ABSTRACT This publication is a checklist summarizing information on the parasites of Vietnamese fishes contained in world literature dating from the earliest known record Billet to the end of Information is presented in the form of parasite-host and host-parasite lists and contains named species of parasites not including 4 nomina nudadistributed among the higher taxa as follows: Protozoa - 48, Myxozoa - 33, Digenea -Monogenoidea -Cestoda - 16, Nematoda - 53, Acanthocephala - 21, Hirudinea - 2, Branchiura - 3, Copepoda - 12 and Isopoda - 2.

Many datings a parasite of parasites not identified to species level are also included. The Parasite-Host List is organized on a taxonomic basis and provides information for each parasite species on the environment freshwater, brackish water, marinethe location site of infection in or on its host sthe species of host s infected, the known geographic distribution by administrative division in Viet Nam, and the published sources for each host and locality record.

The Host-Parasite List is organized according to the taxonomy of the hosts, and includes, for each host, the English language and local Vietnamese common names, environment freshwater, brackish water, marinestatus in Viet Nam native or exoticand information on the known distribution in Viet Nam of the parasites.

Citations are included for all references, as well as parasite and host indices. The parasite fauna of datings a parasite of Viet Nam has received considerable attention, particularly by scientists of the former Soviet Union, in the marine environment, and by Vietnamese and Czech freshwater scientists.

Nevertheless, parasites have been recorded from only about ten percent of the more than 1 species of marine and freshwater fish occurring in the waters of Viet Nam.

If you suspect that you're in a parasitic relationship, then you must be worried that the person you're dating, much like a parasite, is sucking you. “Parasites are a lot like relationships,” my infectious disease professor said as he introduced the day's topic. “There are relationships where. The necessary environmental conditions for maintaining the parasite's life cycle point to an origin in The oldest known date for this parasite is 5, BP.

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